Patented Designs

"To honor my grandma who passed away, I bought a necklace with a heart pendant containing her initial ’S’. The brand's story about inner light really touched me. By wearing my grandma's initial with fluorescent diamonds, which can only be revealed by a UV light, I can keep her close to my heart in a more personally meaningful way."

Charlotte L.

"I treated myself to a pair of the Trillion Halo Earrings. This past year has been tough, but I'm proud of the strength I had to keep going. These earrings symbolize the inner strength I discovered during that difficult time."

Mila T.

"My goal was to find a gift that would not only be meaningful, but would also wow my girlfriend. As soon as my girlfriend saw her initial under the UV light, she burst into tears. Her smile made it all worth it!"

Mason J.