About us

Malka is my mother’s name.

At 19 years of age, my mother left her friends and family and moved across the world to marry my father and raise four incredible children.

My father would travel for months on end, sourcing the world’s best gemstones, and my mother – not speaking the language, not knowing the customs – built a home, a family, friends, and an amazing life.

Malka is a tribute to my mother.  They are both one-of-a-kind, rare as can be, and completely irreplaceable.

For thirty years I have worked in the fine jewelry business, and never has there been a product like Malka.  Conventional diamonds are just that: conventional, little variation, always the same.  Malka takes the infinitely rare and 100% natural quality of fluorescent diamonds and creates an entirely new category of fine diamond jewelry.

Malka is headquartered in New York City and focuses on sourcing diamonds directly at the mine to ensure accurate origins and ethical practices. Our hand-picked set of suppliers are Kimberly-compliant and adhere to all conventions for diamond trading set by the World Diamond Council.