East-West Oval Double Halo Diamond Pendant

SKU: PTP16282-7




This elegant double halo pendant will have you turning heads in every direction.

  • 18K White Gold, With Yellow Gold Inner-Halo Setting
  • Oval Shape Fancy Dark Yellow Brown (1.06 Ct)
  • Round Brilliant yellow and colorless Diamond Accents (0.53 Ct)
    • Color F-G, Clarity VS

Under UV light, the center stone exhibits stunning green fluorescence, the inner halo diamond accents exhibit yellow fluorescence, and the outer halo diamond accents exhibit a stunning spectrum of ocean blue, sky blue and violet blue fluorescence.

*This item is one-of-a-kind. While the same design can be approximated, the exact diamonds in size, color and fluorescence are not guaranteed and prices are subject to change.

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