Made of the same elements as stardust, diamonds sparkle and shimmer in bright light or candlelight. Some even glow under short wave UV light. Incredibly beautiful and unique, diamonds refract light from facet to facet creating a mesmerizing rainbow appearance. Each diamond formed billions of years ago deep within the Earth. As the hardest substance on Earth, it endures forever. The tradition of proposing marriage with an item of value dates back thousands of years when betrothals were a regular occurrence. Engagement rings became popular in the late 1800’s not too long after the discovery of the first diamond mine in Africa. Interestingly, the diamond engagement ring took about another 30 years to become trendy. Diamond engagement rings became so popular and loved that we have never looked back. A symbol of love, endurance, and longevity, diamonds make the perfect gem for an engagement ring and other jewelry. Diamonds are valued and admired for their durability and especially their brilliant fiery faces. The possibilities for wearing diamonds on one’s body are virtually endless and are limited only by the creativity and vision of you and your jeweler.