A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine's Day around the corner, the search for that perfect engagement ring is on! Check out Malka jewelry - offering a dazzling collection of fluorescent diamonds that scream romance. 

Malka's diamonds are all about excellence, bringing together classic and modern designs. Working with fluorescent diamonds, Malka takes jewelry-making to a whole new level. What makes Malka stand out? Their use of fluorescent diamonds, which give off a subtle glow under UV light, making them extra special and eye-catching. 


Choosing Your Malka Diamond:

Malka’s Classic Engagement Ring - timeless elegance with a radiant fluorescent diamond - simplicity at its best. 



Floral Elegance, The Eternal Bouquet and the Flower Diamond Ring - romantic and delicate, featuring intricately designed settings that compliment the radiant glow.

Halo Collection - Embrace love with diamonds encircled by a halo, creating a breathtaking display. 


Key considerations:

  1. Cut and Clarity - Malka’s precision cuts ensure optimal light reflection. Choose a clarity that resonates with your aesthetic. 
  2. Metal Options - Select from classic platinum to warm rose gold to compliment the wearer’s style.
  3. Customization - Elevate your proposal with Malka’s customization services. Tailor the design for a unique and meaningful ring. 


In the pursuit of the perfect diamond ring for a Valentine’s Day proposal, Malka’s jewelry guides lovers towards a union marked by beauty, elegance, and radiance. Illuminate your love story with Malka, where each diamond tells a tale of timeless romance. Explore the collections at www.malkanewyork.com 

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