Malka's 2023 Fine Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

In the midst of the celebratory season, giving the gift of fine jewelry is one that never fails to satisfy. Each carefully selected piece becomes an embodiment of sentiment and personalization, weaving together sophistication and elegance. Malka New York, a leading force in the realm of fluorescent diamonds, invites you to explore a world where luxury meets luminescence for your 2023 holiday gifting. 

East-West Oval Halo Diamond Pendant

Illuminate the spirit of the holidays with the East-West Oval Halo Diamond Pendant. Featuring an exquisite fluorescent diamond at its center, this pendant will turn heads in every direction. With 18K White Gold and Round Diamond Accents (0.21 Ct), the center stones exhibit orange fluorescence and the accent diamonds exhibit sky blue fluorescence. This is the perfect choice for necklace wearers and a way to express your love and appreciation. 


Pear Shape Double Halo Diamond Earrings 

For a timeless look that can be worn with confidence, the Pear Shape Double Halo Diamond Earrings are a symbol of refinement and charm. Set with 18K White Gold and Fancy Deep Yellow Diamonds, these earrings match perfectly with the East-West Oval Diamond Pendant. Adorned with fluorescent diamonds, under UV light, the pear shapes exhibit yellow fluorescence and the accent diamonds exhibit deep, violet blue fluorescence. These earrings are a true testament to Malka jewelry's dedication to crafting ethereal beauty. 

Alexandra Ring

Nothing says beautifully modern like this elegant and graceful Alexandra ring. Symbolizing love and commitment, the Alexandra ring is a captivating symbol of devotion for your loved one. Featuring 18K Yellow Gold and Round Diamond Accents (0.52 Ct), this ring embodies eternal devotion, making it a heartfelt and timeless holiday gesture. Under UV light, the pear shape exhibits orange fluorescence, and the accent diamonds exhibit violet blue and sky blue fluorescence. 

Initial Heart Bracelet 

Enhance the joyfulness of the season with the 14K Yellow Gold Initial Heart Bracelet (A-Z) with Round White Diamonds (0.40 Ct) and Round Fluorescent Diamonds (0.21 Ct). Crafted with fluorescent diamonds that exhibit a spectrum of ocean blue fluorescence under UV light, this bracelet is the perfect gift to cherish a loved one's initials without having to broadcast it to the world. Available in all letters, the Initial Heart Bracelet is the perfect example of personalized jewelry, therefore becoming meaningful jewelry. 

Malka jewelry's fluorescent diamonds collection speaks volumes about artistry and dedication. From pendants to rings, each creation is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. Experience the magic of gift giving this 2023 holiday season with Malka diamonds, where radiant dreams come to life in every exquisitely crafted piece. Explore the brilliance of Malka’s fluorescent diamond jewelry at and envision the joy that these creations will bring to those dear to you. Elevate this holiday season with Malka’s collections, a timeless expression of love and beauty, that will be cherished for years to come.

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