Understanding the Four Cs with Malka

Understanding the four Cs - carat, cut, color, and clarity - is crucial when selecting the perfect diamond. Explore Malka Jewelry's fluorescent diamond collection for an immersive experience in exquisite craftsmanship. 

Carat Weight

Often mistaken as a measurement of size, carat weight actually measures a diamond's mass. Contrary to a common belief, a diamond's beauty isn't solely dictated by its carat size but by its cut and fluorescence. 

Malka New York offers a range of stunning pieces showcasing fluorescent diamonds. From the Flower Diamond Wide Split-Shank Ring and the Royal Tiara Ring, each gem is carefully chosen for its luminosity and brilliance. 


Precision in Cut

A diamond's cut determines its reflective qualities and brilliance. Malka Jewelry prides itself on expert cuts that maximize each stone's beauty. For instance, the Feather Diamond Pendant displays an impeccable cut and exceptional high-grade fluorescence. 


A Spectrum of Colors

Diamond color, graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown), impacts its beauty and value. While colorless diamonds are known for their purity, Malka's fluorescent diamonds, like those in the Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Earrings, showcase a unique interplay of color and spectrum of hues. 


Clarity Beyond Perfection 

Clarity assesses a diamond's purity by checking for imperfections or inclusions. Malka Jewelry's dedication to excellence shines in pieces like the Trillion Halo Diamond Pendant, where flawless clarity of fluorescent diamonds elevates elegance and gives off an otherworldly glow. 


Malka Jewelry's Fluorescent Diamonds

Malka New York epitomizes craftsmanship, elegance, and sophistication in luxury jewelry. The interplay of carats, cuts, color, and clarity shines in their fluorescent diamond collection, illuminating each piece with artistry and uniqueness.  

Step into the Malka Jewelry's world and discover the captivating allure of fluorescent diamonds. Explore the exquisite collection at www.malkanewyork.com to experience elegance. Flaunt your individuality in the glow of fluorescent diamonds. 

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